Amel Awadelkarim

I was born in a small town in the middle of Pennsylvania to two Sudanese-immigrant parents, both of whom are brilliant physicists and engineering professors at Penn State. As is the same with a lot of immigrant families, my household growing up focused more on academics than on athletics; the extent to which I played an organized sport was in middle/high school gym class. I started playing ultimate my freshman year of college, and it has unlocked too many great things for me to unpack in one lifetime, so I won’t even attempt to here. 🙂

Along with ultimate, my other passion is music. I picked up so many instruments as a kid — piano, viola, flute, saxophone, drums, & guitar — trying to harness all my musical energy. Now I channel it into discovering new songs/artists to become obsessed with (thx Spotify).

In the daytime, I’m a PhD student at Stanford University studying applied math, mixed with computer science. I love breakfast, exploring the great outdoors, and getting cool stuff for my house.

To me, living ultimate means living by the principles of SOTG – holding myself to a high standard of moral and ethical practices and engaging with/being welcoming of people with different backgrounds & beliefs. Ultimate has taught me about integrity, hard-work, camaraderie, and mutual respect, and I am a better person with these lessons.