Jimmy Mickle

Jimmy grew up in Golden, Colo., where he attended Lakewood High School. He loved lots of different sports growing up but, after picking it up freshman year, found himself obsessed with ultimate by the end of high school. Jimmy studied chemical and biological engineering at the University of Colorado and took a job at a renewable energy company after graduating. After about a year in a lab, he got restless and quit his job to get more involved with ultimate full time.

Outside of ultimate, he is a big fan of getting too competitive in board games and falling asleep during movies. Jimmy spends a lot of his free time thinking about or playing Mario Tennis. It’s kind of hard to explain what he does outside of ultimate, now that both his job and free time are very centered around it.

Over the past few years, Jimmy has played as much ultimate as anyone in the world. And to him, “Live Ultimate” refers to extending the lessons and joys of ultimate outside of the playing field.

“I take the lessons I learn from practices and games and extrapolate them to life; this includes hard work, respect for others, dealing with failure and many other things. The connections I’ve made with teammates and opponents are lifelong and extend far beyond the field. Ultimate really is a lifestyle defined by passion, fun, respect, and hard work.”