Raha Mozaffari

Raha was born in Shiraz, Iran and immigrated to the U.S. permanently in 1998, during middle school. She didn’t play organized sports in Iran but did play a good amount of street soccer and tag. In the United States, Raha took up tennis, track and a bit of basketball, then switched to ultimate halfway through high school; the team aspect of the sport intrigued her the most, and she hasn’t stopped playing since.

Raha played for five years at the University of Pennsylvania, during her undergrad biology years and then graduate school for dentistry. She met her husband, Patrick, through ultimate – he played at UPenn as well – and this fall, they’re starting their fourth year coaching Penn’s women’s team together. Raha and Patrick started playing club with AMP in 2006; they’re in their 13th season on the club…and together. They have been married since 2012 and live in Philadelphia.

Outside of ultimate, Raha is a dentist in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Ultimate builds community, helps me balance the daily stresses in life and keeps me healthy and strong, and provides the chance to constantly challenge myself to grow as a person, professional, teammate and an athlete.